We want to provide a delicious, from scratch, affordable experience as an option for mobile cuisine in the Finger Lakes.  We are offering a unique culinary experience for this area with being a Western NY themed food truck.

We have one mission: To provide delicious foods to our local patrons, while maintaining an environmentally and socially responsible business.

But Why?

We at the Buffalonian Food Truck are from the Finger Lakes region. We believe in heritage. We believe in the people of the Finger Lakes. We believe in providing delicious food, our passion, to our friends, family, neighbors, and those visiting our great region!

We Also Love Wine!

Have you ever been to a winery or wine tasting, only to realize that there’s no food to go with your delicious beverage? Yeah, us too. This lack of food availability sparked an idea – to utilize our passion for cooking, and fill this desperate need to bring food to the wineries around the Finger Lakes.

But That’s Not All We Do!

We cater to events and the general public! If you would like us to be at your event or private space, please don’t hesitate to book us or contact us for more details.


The owners went through a ton of name options for the truck and with that came even more options for a logo. We wanted it to showcase the Finger Lakes within the buffalo and preferred a painted or artsy look over a cartoon or animated look. Owner Rhonda Everdyke’s sister actually drew the logo for us from our ideas. She is an amazing artist and we are grateful for the talent of Julianna Everdyke! We then passed that sketch to Elaine, owner at Butterfly Designs who Rhonda went to High School with and she turned Julianna’s drawing into a digital masterpiece.


Being surrounded by lakes and the amazing nature of Upstate NY, we want to be conscious of the products we use and be as “green” as possible.

We will have have recycling on and off the of the truck at every event, will use recycled and compostable products (including our trash bags).
We will work with several local business owners, operators, and farmers as we can to use their products as often as we can.

We also want to work in a social justice aspect of our truck by working a good number of nonprofit events/races as we can to help bring attention to different social justice causes.

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